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Our Winding Road


Disillusioned with civilian life, former heroes Rowan and Jori retrace the steps of the journey on which they fell in love, with the hopes of rekindling their strained relationship.

Assume the role of the-great-“Ogre Slayer”-turned-desk-jockey Rowan, brave the various dangers lurking on your way, yourself being chief among them. Will you and your love find your way back together again, or will this journey mark the end for you two?

Mature Warning 

Contains explicit descriptions of sex. (Can be toggled off in the options)

-32k words - Multiple endings 

-Animated sprites and backgrounds 

-Immersive soundscape 

-Puns galore

Good ending guide

A collaborative effort by Square Weasel Studio and friends, made for Amare Jam 2023.

Game, Art & Story Direction:  Nim & Ze

Environment Art:  Sarianne, Nim

Sprites and Character Design: Rinnuah (with a little help from Nim & Ze)

UI Design and Coding Support:  Ayael

Writing and Editing: Nim & Ze, Brombeer

Programming:  RodFireProductions

Scripting: Nim & Ze

Animation: Ze

Sound Design: Nim & Ze

Proofreading:  Rinnuah,  Brombeer,  Aetheries

Music and Sound: Samuel Francis Johnson, Musictown, William King, MaxKoMusic, Scott Buckley, Alexander Nakarada, Freesound.org

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsAmare, Dating Sim, Fantasy, LGBT, Narrative, Otome, Romance, Text based
Average sessionAbout an hour


our-winding-road-win.zip 391 MB
Version 1.02 May 03, 2023
our-winding-road-mac.zip 376 MB
Version 1.02 May 03, 2023

Development log


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ow this hurt me extremely badly

the break up was unbearable to me, so i had to follow the guide to give them a happy ending. palpable relief. really really loved masc mc & femme li, it's too rare to encounter & kinda healed something in me. beautifully written & handled & the intimate scenes following good ending are !! 


When Jori broke up with Rowan I started to cry, and the letters they made me cry more and it's like 1 am 😭😭


This game is so amazing. I was wondering if you allowed streams/let's plays of it?

We are glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, of course! Let us know if you do it and we’ll share it on our discord for some extra eyeballs. ^^


I adore "after the adventure" stories, and to have a relationship like Rowan and Jori's drawn so well to boot made this game such a pleasure. The art and animation are both beautiful, I love the glimpses of the world we get, and I'd say I wish the story were longer except I think it was actually the perfect length. That being said, if there were a sequel or another game in the same world, I would be excited!


This was excellent! Rowan and Jorin are very dynamic together, and the story was compelling. I found myself very curious about the worldbuilding and the journey that came before this one. It definitely feels very fleshed out and relatable. I may have teared up once or twice. :')


We are glad to hear you enjoyed our game. ^^ It was fun to try and make something short for a change. 

(1 edit) (+2)

Awesome game. Love Jorin and Rowan, super cute and hope they stay together forever. Got the good ending all by myself, so not hard to play at all. Gorgeous visuals and sounds, impressive world building and characters within just 30k words.


Thank you so much for playing, we are happy to hear you enjoyed our story! <3